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  Our second hectic year of business we have grown further we can now supply 3 Hog Roast machines per day using our now tried and tested methods we have developed our own special flavour and methods using only Free Range meats (See our preferred supplier) all UK bred and Butchered.

We have become passionate about the flavour creating our own Apple Sauce and stuffing (as shop bought just doesn't do our Hog Roast justice) , and cooking everything onsite on the day of your event we produce what we believe to be the best flavour, all from 'Happy' Free Range animals UK produced.
We even give our food waste to the local animal shelter

After animal rights we are all about the flavour if we don't like it we search for better or in the case of our sausages... create our own.
Yes We have even developed our own flavour of sausages including at least 80% meat plus a good handful of herbs and spices. We are not butchers so we trust this to our local Butcher, he uses Free Range meat and adds the quantities we specify

We use fresh locally baked bread we don't supply pre-frozen - defrosted bread it doesn't do all our other hard work justice, so we use fresh baked bread to complete the taste unsurpassed by other Hog Roast Companies.

We don't just do Hog Roast (Pork) or Beef, Chicken,
Lamb, Venison all available

We also do Full Wedding catering including table service, Canapes, service staff, puddings, evening food and bar staffing etc. Events, Shows, Hospitality, Birthdays, Garden Parties, Special Events all catered for.

We pride ourselves on what we produce we make as much as possible on site for your event even for weddings with full catering service with the exception of a few puddings and items which need some prior preperation everything is made onsite, 99% or more of what we cook is made by us from raw ingredients... did I mention its all about the flavour! :-)

Rolls, Buffet, Plated/Served food as required
From £5.00 per head (informal food)

If you are organising a public event contact us with details

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