Hot Trotters - Hog Roast Co.

As a preferred supplier Blythburgh supply our Free Range Pork almost exclusively

We at Hot Trotters Hog Roast Co. believe the animals which we cook should have had a happy life, Blythburgh are able to guarantee that all the meat we buy from them is Free Range fully traceable.
Bred, slaughtered and butchered in the UK.

Not Only that we believe it tastes the best too!

Happy animals with the ability to roam freely produce the best taste
and thats what counts and our customers agree!
A product which you remember means we get your future business and your recommendation.

You can order your weekly produce from them too to find out more select
Blythburgh Free Range Pork

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Hot Trotter - Hog Roast Co.
Telephone: 01732 446142,
Warlingham: 01883 776132
mobile: 07976 426181